4 Tricks for Pulling Your Optical Practice Out of a Rut

Quarterbacks fall into throwing slumps. Golfers fall into putting slumps. And small businesses can fall into productivity slumps. It's not uncommon for a small business to run into a slower than normal quarter. There are a lot of things that could cause a rut in your eyecare practice. Employees taking a lot of back-to-back vacation time in the summer, or the holidays at the end of the year are both a couple of instances where your practice might experience decreased productivity.

You might be able to anticipate a slump, and in those cases we have a few suggestions of things that you and your staff can do to quickly avert your practice from falling into a rut.

How to Maintain HIPAA Compliance with Your Optometry Software

In a busy practice, your biggest concern is providing the best possible care for your patients. And, with all the craziness of your daily routine, things like HIPAA compliance can sometimes get ignored. Keeping your staff up to date with HIPAA training and maintaining compliance with your optometry software is a critical part of practice security.

But really, HIPAA compliance has a lot of fine lines and can get pretty confusing. So today we want to clear up the answers to three common HIPAA questions with help from the Department of Health and Human Services.

The Ugly World of Patient Collections and Optometry Billing

No one likes hunting someone down in order to get paid for an outstanding bill. It's time consuming, and can honestly be a little awkward at times. But, it's also a very important piece to your practice's profits, so it's important to have the right optometry billing processes in place in order to make the collections process as easy as possible on your staff and your patients. Let's take a look at 4 things you should be doing in your practice to help ensure timely payment collections. 

Why Your Patients Want Your Optometrist Software to Have a Patient Portal

For the most part, when you're shopping for optometrist software for your practice, you're looking for a solution that will streamline your inefficiencies and make your workflow quick and easy. But on top of just looking for a solution to meet your needs, you should look for a solution that can help meet the needs of your patients too. That's why a patient portal is an important piece of your practice's software solution. We've got 4 reasons your patients are going to be obsessed with their patient portal

Don't Let Patients get Frustrated with Long Waits in Your Eyecare Practice

Whether you're at the DMV, hair salon, restaurant, or the doctor's office, having to wait for your appointment or reservation can be annoying. The last thing you want to do it waste your patients' time if your schedule starts to fall behind. While sometimes it can't be avoided, there are a few strategies you can put in place in your practice that can help your schedule stay on track and avoid backups in your waiting room.

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