4 Things to Do Before Implementing New Optometrist Software

Software implementation has a reputation that causes many eyecare practices to be intimidated and scared about purchasing new software. It's known to be time consuming, expensive, and disruptive to a practice's day to day. While new software is going to have an effect on your practice, with the right plan you'll be able to get through implementation successfully, and you and your staff will be trained at using software that helps save you time and allows you to be more efficient with your patient schedule. Let's look at a few important steps that you can take to make sure your team is prepared for a successful implementation.

How to Ask for an Optometry Office Software Change in Your Eyecare Practice

In any work setting it can be intimidating to ask for things you want. Whether it's time off, a pay increase, or even for new tools that will help you perform your job better. As an employee in an eyecare practice, you might be more aware of some of the inefficiencies lingering in your workflow than even the OD is. Which makes it your duty to speak up if you think your practice could make a change for the better!

If you're nervous about recommending changes in the practice, read up on these pieces of advice to give you the confidence and a plan of attack for asking your boss to make a change.

The Secrets to Becoming a Paper Free Practice with Optometry Software

These days, there aren't many processes that are left done on paper - just about anything can be done online. When paper is involved it usually creates more hassle to get the job done. It's even true in your eyecare practice.

Paper processes can have a big effect on the efficiency of your workflow. But, we also know that making big changes to a workflow that you and your staff are comfortable with can be daunting. So to start, we've got a few tips to share on how your practice can have a successful transition to a more efficient practice with help from optometry software.

7 Important Do's For a Successful EHR Software Demo

Making a big purchase for your eyecare practice can be stressful and overwhelming if you aren't prepared, and the buying process is likely going to be a long one. Searching for the right practice management and EHR software for your practice is one of those purchases. In order to find the right software you're going to be looking at a series of demos to help you narrow down your options and figure out how each software might function in your practice. So how do you go about making sure you get the most out of a software demo?

This is How Late and No-Show Patients Destroy Your Optical Practice

We've heard a lot from eyecare practice staff that one of their biggest challenges is managing late and no-show patients in their office. No-show patients lose revenue for your practice, and late patients can mess up your entire schedule for the day. So, it's understandable that dealing with these types of patients can be frustrating.

While there isn't always a perfect method for every late and no-show situation, we've got some tips and ideas that might inspire you to manage your patients differently.

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