undefinedWhen choosing to participate in The Meaningful Use Program, you have two choices when it comes to purchasing your certified EHR software. Either you can use a complete certified EHR, or a module-based certified EHR. Both meet the requirements of meaningful use criteria for optometrists; however, one might work better than the other for your particular practice's needs, so we are going to go over the basic differences between the two.

Understanding the Differences of Complete and Modular EHR Software Certification

When you're shopping for practice management and EHR software and you see that one is flaunting a large "Complete Certified" label, what does it mean? How do they get this certification? What makes it different from a modular certified system?

Complete Certification

In order for EHR software to achieve the label of complete certification, it must undergo rigorous testing by a federally approved organization to ensure it meets all of the government's requirements. It must also be all-inclusive; meaning that, just by installing just one software you meet all of the requirements and can fully participate in the Meanignful Use Incentive Program. It also provides a smooth user interface that does not require switching between various modules or programs, which is going to help you maintain your efficiency and workflow while still being able to report and attest for Meaningful Use. Complete certified practice management and EHR software is also very secure. It keeps data in one, organized place, and it has the ability to share information securely with patients and other healthcare specialists. However, a drawback of complete certification could be that it is less customizable overall, as you only use the one certified system.

Modular Certification

Modular Certified software is like a puzzle of individual parts of that have been approved to combine with one another to essentially allow you to "build your own" complete system. You gain the freedom to choose your vender for each application that has modular certification, and you can add new applications to existing software that you may already have implemented in your office. It is the purchaser's responsibility to assemble the parts to support the objectives necessary to qualify for the Meaningful Use, and make sure that each software is up to date with its certification. This can quickly become complicated and confusing, as it requires a high level of technological knowledge. If your staff is not highly tech savvy, it could require some training and classes. Another way that training could be difficult for your staff is that they will have to be trained on each different software you purchase, instead of just one complete system. And, having to log in and out of different systems to complete an exam could cause back-ups in your workflow.

Highly customizable software might be appropriate for your office, but for most, a complete certified EHR software seems to be the obvious winner due to is simplicity and functionality. Which do you think would work better for your staff? And if you still have questions about participating in Meaningful Use, check out this eBook!